La Cité Interdite... Un gigantesque palais impérial construit par les Ming au début du 15è siècle, au coeur de Pékin. Initialement parti pour un petit footing à destination du parc Beihai, où je n'irai finalement pas pour avoir bêtement oublié d'emporter les 5 yuans pour payer l'entrée, je quitte mon hôtel,


I came back from Beijing after a few days there, with a lot of pictures in my camera, and more in my head...

I want to thank again the greatwallforum as they provided me some help for the tracks : I needed to divert a little from the Great Wall because of a forbidden military area, making me run through villages and shruberries... A bit difficult to find his way without a local guide, or a gps track!
What is my feedback after this run? Hard enough. Climbing, descending, all the time. High slopes, all the time. Stairs, broken steps, all the time. And warm air, to make it worst...
But what can you think when you are on top of a hill, with no-one in front of you, no-one behind you... You are alone in the Big China !